Bunny Hop is a 2020 casual arcade video game developed by Austin Greco. The game was first released on May 19, 2020 for iOS and Android. The player controls a bunny who is trying to hop across platforms without falling into the water.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

In Bunny Hop, the player controls a bunny (or other type of character), that is attempting to navigate across treacherous platforms above some water. As the game progresses, some of the platforms crumble when the player lands on them. There are two types of crumbling platforms, one which looks like a normal platform and crumbles slowly, and one with visible cracks which crumbles quickly. After a while, the platforms crumble too quickly to stop on, which leads the player to discover the combo system when making quick successive jumps.

Characters[edit | edit source]

The game currently features more than 25 playable characters. New characters are unlocking when players earn various achievements, for example: Scoring 10 points unlocks Hopper.

  • Bunny - a gray bunny
  • Berry - a pink bunny
  • Hopper - a brown bunny
  • Snowy - a white bunny
  • Puppy - a white puppy
  • Rusty - an orange cat
  • Robot - a robot
  • Crabby - a red crab
  • Sunny - a yellow bunny
  • Rex - a Tyrannosaurus dinosaur
  • Slimey - a frog
  • Piggy - a pig
  • Icey - a penguin
  • Lucky - a leprechaun
  • Cool Cat - a cat with sunglasses
  • Royal Wizard - a wizard with a purple robe
  • Zorse King - King of all the zorses
  • Blobby - a blob
  • Joey - a kangaroo
  • Santa - Santa Claus
  • Princess - a purple unicorn
  • Cactus Jack - a saguaro cactus with a cowboy hat
  • Toasty - a piece of bread
  • The Wiz - a wizard with a blue robe
  • Veggie - a green bunny
  • King Crab - a blue crab with a crown
  • Zorse - a zorse
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